Take Five !

Maximising the appeal of your space to inspire bookings is all about beautifully communicating the ambience you’ve created to your target guest market. Thinking carefully about what it is that your potential guests want and putting in a little extra preparation will truly make the difference – first impressions really stick.

Here are our five top tips for the preparation of your space; unless otherwise instructed we would anticipate that you have considered these points prior to the shoot – if you would like further help with this just let us know in advance…

  • 1. De-Clutter   Tidy and clear all surfaces to maximise the appeal of your space. Consider furniture arrangements that create an obstacle free view so that the eyes may move around the space easily. Remember that your guests want to be able to imagine themselves occupying your space. Notice details such as trailing electrical cables or items that may be temporarily moved such as fire extinguishers or signage that detracts from a feeling of ‘home.’ For exterior shots remember the importance of curb-side appeal and pay attention to the entrance way to your guest accommodation.
  • 2. Dress   Less is always more but remember that a few carefully selected and artistically arranged items can enhance your guests imagination; that comfy chair by the fire – would a good book that has just been put down and a beautiful mug on the hearth-side complete the picture? Is that kitchen table crying out for some fresh fruit ripe for the eating or some fresh flowers? A lovely loaf of bread on the board? Is that luxury bed calling out for the colour pop of a cosy home-spun throw? If this is a space for families, would a lovely toy within the view emphasise the point? Picnicking on the lawn? A game of croquet? 
  • 3. Light   The amount and tone of light within your space may completely alter the feel. Try out a few possibilities and consider whether soft and warm or bright and cool works best for you. The weather conditions, season and time of day will impact the natural light sources for your space – do you need more or less? Your Skyebed photographer has the skills and experience to capture and optimise the available light. You have a summertime portfolio – would some wonderful wintry shots be good for another season? 
  • 4. Soft Furnishings   Soft furnishings – ensure that cushions, bedding, towels and curtains are all in pristine condition. Smooth that duvet, straighten that tie-back...you need to look twice and then again to be sure it’s all just right!
  • 5. Be True   I would love my twin guest room to be more spacious, and I could temporarily remove some furniture so as to create a more spacious feel – but this would be setting myself and my guests up for disappointment. Maximise the potential of your space but be careful to remain ‘true’ to what is on offer. Likewise by all means show the beautiful view but be careful to ensure you don’t create an illusion – you want your guests to be wowed when they arrive!

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